The Archaeological Museum of Tegea has reopened its doors to the public after being completely refurbished. The museum showcases findings from Tegea and the surrounding area, as well as material and photographs from the archives of the Archaeological Society at Athens.

Archaeological Museum of Tegea reopens

The new exhibition is divided into four thematic sections:
- Gallery 1 displays artefacts from the Neolithic Era until the Archaic Period.
- Gallery 2 includes a peculiar monument: the Arcadian Herms--private votive offerings to sanctuaries, constitute abstract representations of gods or deities. They have been discovered only in Tegea.
- Gallery 3 features the evolution from the Classical Period until the Roman Era and experience the different aspects of city life in ancient times, such as economy, athletic contests, festivals and the world of the dead
- Gallery 4 presents the development of the famous sanctuary of Athena Alea, around which ancient Hellenes built the city of Tegea.

According to the Archaeological News Network:

"The Archaeological Museum’s outdoor exhibition presents the aspect of Public Life in the ancient Hellenic city, with inscriptions referring to everyday life and the aspect of The Hereafter, with grave steles from the Classical and Late Roman period."
All in all, a lot of reasons to visit and wander around for a few hours. Is anyone else sad they are nowhere near this museum right now? Because I sure am!