Personally, I am not a huge fan of modern hymns written by practitioners of Hellenismos. I've tried to narrow down why that is--it's not for lack of quality for sure! Some of them definitely resonate with me and I love to read them, but I never use them in worship. I also don't write my own hymns, although I, of course, make my own prayers. I know, though, that many of you enjoy modern hymns and poetry inspired by the Theoi. Since that is something I will most likely never be able to provide you with, I would like to tell you about Hymnodia, if you haven't heard of it already.

The Hymnodia Project is an online compendium of hymns, prayers, and other devotional material by and for modern worshippers of the gods of ancient Hellas. The goal of this program is to encourage the worship of our gods by making contemporary hymns available to the worldwide Hellenic community via the Internet. The Hymnodia Project is an official program of Hellenion. It is currently on the move to a new home, but the hymns can be found here as well.

Hellenion, by the way, is a Hellenic organization from America and Hellenic organisation Elaion, with which I am affiliated, had its foundations in it. It's a wonderful organisation, which you can join for courses and study material.

The hymns range from the Olympians, to the titans, to heroes, and anything in-between. The hymns have been submitted by worshippers of the Hellenic pantheon, and if you want to submit yours, you can by e-mailing it to: All authors retain copyright to their work.

I wish you happy reading, and if you feel the creative and devotional juices flowing, feel free to submit your work to Hellenion. I am sure many will thank you for it!