The Pyanepsia (Πυανέψια) is one of the many harvest festivals of the season, but instead of focussing on the actual harvest like well know Pagan harvest festivals like Mabon, the Pyanepsia focusses almost completely on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. It celebrates his return from Minos, and represents both his homecoming and his victory.

One of the most well known practices of the Pyanepsia is the creation of an eiresiône (εἰρεσιώνη): a branch of olive or laurel bound with purple or white wool. It was decorated with fruits of the season, pastries, and small jars of honey, oil and wine. The eiresiône was also called a 'supplicant branch', as it was intended as a thank-offering for blessings received, and... at the same time as a prayer for similar blessings and protection against evil in future. Theseus walked through the streets of Athens with his eiresiône, to signal his victory and the end of scarcity.

Theseus also wished to thank Apollon for his safe journey and his victory over the Minotaur and thus, he ordered his men to gather all the foodstuffs that remained from the journey home. This was mostly beans and grains, and he ordered the food to be cooked up for a feast and a sacrifice--this panspermia is another staple of the Pyanepsia.

Come October 2nd, Elaion will host a PAT ritual in celebration of the Pyanepsia, and we welcome anyone who wants to, to join us in making an eiresiône and offering a panspermia to Apollon to ward off evil for the coming year, and to attract blessings. We welcome you to share your ideas freely on the event page. As always, a ritual is available for those who would like to have one. We hope you will join us!