The Labrys Religious Community aims to preserve, promote and practice the Hellenic polytheistic religious tradition through public rituals, lectures, publications, theatrical and musical events, and other forms of action. Their vision is to restore the Hellenic religious tradition and by extension the Hellenic Kosmotheasis and lifestyle to its rightful place, as a respected, acknowledged and fully functional spiritual path. To bring this goal closer, they have released a new book, previously only published in Greek: 'Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship'. To quote:

"A long awaited effort to make available for the first time abroad, the realities of Hellenic worship as practiced in the birth place of our religion. Our hope is that with this publication newer but also older followers of Hellenismos will find all the basic information to practice household worship in a traditional manner.
Within this publication, the reader is presented with explanations for the central concepts and basic guidelines to the ceremonies that form a part of Hellenic Household Worship as has been established and is currently practiced by the LABRYS Polytheistic Community in Hellas (Greece).
It serves as a useful introductory manual for the newcomer to contemporary Hellenic Polytheism as they take the first steps on their journey to worship the Hellenic Gods in a traditional manner."

The book is available on Amazon store (both US and UK) but purchasing directly through our CreateSpace online store will be appreciated since that will give the LABRYS Polytheistic community a higher portion of the royalties (without changing the price for you) which in return will help them fund our second publication that is currently in research/writing stage concerning the public aspects of worship with all the major city/community celebrations.