Pretty pictures and a genealogy lesson today, courtesy of Marco Bove. This artist is based in Milano. After attending Art School he graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2010. Passionate about illustrations since his university studies, he came up with hybrid techniques that combine free-hand traditional tools and computer graphics, on which he based his graduation thesis. Convinced that the two media can not exist separate, he conceives and develops different types of images and visualizations: editorial illustrations, figurative or abstract drawings, portraits, perspective views of spaces, moodboards, infographics. He is also an avid Hellenic mythology lover, it seems, because her has not only created beautiful art pieces of the Theoi, but he's combined them into a family tree piece that will blow your mind.
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His work is based on the cosmology by Hesiod, in his 'Theogonies'. A lot of sketches for this piece, as well as the individual images can be found on his website. If you want to keep up with his work, also try his Facebook or Twitter.