Okay, so I know this news is a little older but since I have many readers who enjoy the male form, how can I not share this news (and these pictures)? Men dressed as Spartan warriors invaded the London Underground on October 2. They were actors, part of the cast of '300: Rise of the Empire', the sequel to the movie '300', and it was a publicity stunt. The Greek Reporter reports that:

"Dressed as the famous Spartan warriors of ancient Greek history, the muscled gentlemen boarded underground trains, rushed up and down the escalators and ran through the streets of London in a bid to advertise the DVD release of '300: Rise of the Empire'."

The sequel focuses on the battle of Salamis and the Athenian general Themistocles, the man who attempted to unite all Greeks against the Persian forces.

And now: image evidence, because please do not take my word for it! Are you looking forward to giving this movie (another) watch, yet?