I'm not very active on Facebook (although I do maintain a page for this blog and moderate for the Elaion Facebook group). For those of you who are, there are great groups available to join, either for all the Hellenic Gods or for a singular one. I would like to share a few of those today. This post is not meant as an exhaustive list; please feel welcome to post other shrines and groups in the comments so I can add them!

The Kantharos [Dionysos] - "This group has been set up to enable and easen communication for those who have tasted the sweet and crimson wine of the god Dionysus himself or are interested in tasting the ecstasy brought to us by him."
Libations for Apollon - "Libations for Apollon is a Hellenic group designed for regular worship practices and theological... discussion of the impact of Apollon in our lives and spiritual experience of the god. This can range anywhere from regular rituals for Apollon Agyeius and Apollon Noumenios that are the core roles of Apollon in the domestic religious life, to greater epithets and roles the god takes."
Shrine of Ares - "This Shrine is dedicated to the Olympian Ares God of War only. Here you can share your Ares Altars, talk about your altars, share photos, prayers, poems, book recommendations etc."
Shrine of Hephaestus - "This Shrine is dedicated to the Olympian Blacksmith Hephaestus only. Here you can share your Hephaestus Altars, talk about your altars, share photos, prayers, poems, book recommendations etc."
Shrine of Poseidon - "This Shrine is dedicated to the Olympian Lord of the Sea, Oceans and Rivers and his Queen Amphitrite and their children. Here you can share your Poseidon Altars, prayers, poems, creative ideas, offering suggestions, book recommendations etc."
Temple of Persephone - "Welcome to the Temple of Persephone, an online community dedicated to the worship and research o...f the Goddess Persephone however you see Her. From the archetypal Daughter at Eleusis, to the great Savior Queen of the Orphics, to the domestic Marriage Goddess of the Locrians, She has many beautiful forms to celebrate."

Ancient Greek gods' new believers - The Hellenes still mourn the end of their civilisation in the 4th Century AD, when Christians representing the new official religion of the Roman Empire began destroying their temples, statues and libraries. "We are a legitimate religion and yet they call us pagans".

Elaion - "Elaion is a religious organization committed to re-establishing the ancient Hellenic religion (known as Dodekatheism, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Hellenismos) to its rightful place in society."
Hellenic Pagan - "This is a group for discussion of the religious practices of the ancient Hellenic world as well as modern religious practices that are in some way based on those. We welcome Reconstructionists, Wiccans, and any other pagans who worship the Greek gods in some way, as well as people who are interested in talking about such worship. This list is for polytheists with explorations into the myths, gods, and ancient practices as well as personal experiences. Do you need to be Greek to join us? Not at all: We represent many backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities. We believe that our diversity is one of our strengths, and we welcome you into our mix."

Hellenic Polytheistic Community - "The topic of this group is the Hellenic ethnic religion, its associated history, culture, customs, language, etc. This also encompasses historical syncretisms of the Hellenic ethnic religion and other ethnic religions, as well as "modern" ones, as long as there is a clearly recognizable Hellenic component to it."