"Do you have a soft spot in your heart for Greece? If the answer is "yes", this probably has a lot to do with the magic of Greek nature! But what will Greece look like if it loses the most precious pieces of its natural heritage?"

That is how WWF Greece starts of this indigogo campaign start off their plea for funding. Over the past five years, Greece has featured regularly in global media headlines. The well-publicised financial crisis has certainly had a painful social and humanitarian impact. However, there is also a hidden victim of this crisis: Greek nature.

Right now, nature protection laws are under attack. Their dismantling is helping to sell off Greece’s natural heritage to make a quick profit. The stakes are high and now is the time we can really make a difference! Your support will give WWF Greece the means to fight for Greece’s future. Here are a few reasons to be optimistic:
  • Last summer they stopped legislation that would effectively turn the Greek coastline and beaches into large scale concrete tourist developments.
  • Last winter they worked in a broad coalition to stop legislation that would remove protection for forests burnt by wildfires and enable illegal and environmentally destructive appropriation of forest land.
  • Throughout the crisis, they have provided a lifeline for threatened species like the loggerhead sea turtle and the Mediterranean monk seal. These are rare Mediterranean species struggling for survival, precious pieces of Greece’s living future.
Many more threats will be coming their way in the next few months, but your support can give us the power to deal with them. WWF Greece will work on the ground to protect Greek nature and stop the laws that aim to destroy it.

I love Greece. I love its nature. This is the land of my Gods. These mountains and seas and forest feauture in the myths I love. I will be pushing this campaign for Pandora's Kharis as well, but if you want to donate to this amazing cause, feel free to do so here. Don't let the land of our Gods end up the victim of this man-made crisis!