You know I can't ever resist news on the Parthenon marbles, even if it barely qualifies for the title. The premier of the state of Victoria in Australia has thrown his weight behind Greek calls for the return to Greece of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum in London.

Australia backs return of Parthenon Marbles

Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews said at the unveiling of a replica of a section of the Parthenon Marbles at the Greek Center in Melbourne at the weekend"

"We demand and continue to demand the restoration of the injustice done by Lord Elgin two centuries earlier. This is not just my personal opinion but a standing demand of the Victoria government and all the parties that are part of it and will not change until this injustice has been restored."

The event was attended by political leaders from different parties as well as celebrities. Greek-Australian actress Mary Coustas said:

"Britain is conveniently ignoring the screams from the world. Keep the dream alive and keep applying pressure."

I think we all know it isn't going to happen (at least not any time soon), but it's another +1 in favor and I like it!