I know at least a few people who frequent Baring the Aegis are users or proponents of divination via tarot cards, so I thought I'd share: Calliopi Kapousizi currently has a fundraiser up on IndiGoGo for a Hellenic mythology tarot that's quite pretty!

"In the ancient times of Greece the Oracles had a role in people’s lives. Answers would be given to questions about the future and history was written according to what the Fates determined. Oracles, secrets and mysteries in the ancient times are things that are possible to experience today by using the cards of the “Tarot of Fates” deck and find the answers to matters that trouble us. It was done then, in the ancient times and it is done again today. All you have to do is believe and you can find the oracle hidden in you.

As Clotho spun the thread of life, Lachesis measured it allotted to each person with her measuring rod and finally Atropos, inevitably, would cut the thread of life. She chose the manner of each person’s death and when their time was come, she cut their life thread with her shears.

So, Lachesis presented the things that were, Clotho the things that are and Atropos the things that are to be. Goddesses of great honor, placed by the side of Zeus said to be the daughters of Nyx and sisters of the Hours.

The interpretations of the cards are easy and clear. The images and figures have been carefully selected because the meanings hide stories to be explored based upon the history of such an important civilization. The book that is included contains stories for each figure, so that you can learn and therefore understand more about the meanings of the cards and any deeper meanings that are hidden.

My goal is to bring to all of you the chance to get to know piece by piece, story by story my country’s history and to use your imagination to discover the mystical part of the ancient Greek world where divinity always played an important role.

Collecting funds for the “Tarot of Fates”, will provide us the ability to pay for the printing (making a start with 500pcs) and promotion expenses. Even though we believe that you will spread the word after seeing our work, we won’t stop there. An e-shop with amazing Greek products such as clothes, jewelry, decoration, shoes, games and much more is being prepared. And if we reach the goal x4 android + ios applications is also planned. And our journey will begin thanks to your help."

It's not a  "standard" deck (which has 78 cards with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards divided into four suits), but consists of 57 cards and an instruction manual for use. They also offer other purchases like shirts and jewelry connected to the imagery of the cards.

If you'd like to check it out, go here.