In celebration of another book written and the one before going up for pre-sale, I'm taking the day to catch up and plot out book number three in the series. In the spirit of writing, I'd like to share some words by Euripides about (what else?) writing! Well, about the invention of writing and the practice of putting words together and creating emotion.

“Alone once I set out drugs of forgetfulness,
Voiceless, yet speaking—when I made the syllabus
I discovered as letters for men to see
So one who was not present over the wide sea
Knows well everything happening in his home,
And as someone dies he speaks for those writing the measure of his wealth
For his children and for the one who accepts it to know.
And the evils that cause people to fall into strife,
A record dissolves–it does not permit the speaking of lies.”
[Palamedes (fr. 578)]