So, I've been putting in a lot of work and not getting a lot of relaxation. Since I'm doing what I love, I totally don't mind, but I was looking for something to relax with and found Excavate! Greece, which is a middle school social studies game that brings the ancient civilization of Hellas to life through Archaeology.

"Piece together the daily life of ancient Greece in this immersive social studies educational game!  Use archaeological thinking to apply C3 skills of Inquiry and Evaluation of Evidence to aspects of Greek daily life not covered in textbooks. Excavate and analyze four significant locations to make connections and deduct facts about the people who lived, worked and played there.

Explore Athens and Sparta, city-states that highlight very different lifestyles and social differences. Investigate Delphi, a religious temple to the god Apollo. Examine the stadium in Olympia to gain a deeper understanding of the ancient Olympic games. Visit the sites in any order; your progress will be recorded in journals that log collected artifacts, field notes and achievements.  At each location, make meaning of how artifacts were used through a series of analysis questions and reports that help you consider the historical context of the primary source artifacts to make connections.
Finally, players see each site come alive as artifacts populate an historically accurate image of Greek life."

Featured Learning Goals (or as I like to read it, things to immerse yourself in):
- Explore the significance of Apollo’s Temple in Delphi
- Gain a new perspective on the Olympic Games
- Distinguish the roles of women and men in ancient Greek society
- Compare and contrast the lifestyles of Athens and Sparta
- Piece together daily life
- Describe the lifestyle and role of gods and goddesses in Roman society
- Explain architectural innovations that were used to build temples and stadiums

Excavate! Greece is available for HTML5 browser play at our store and for tablets at one of the app stores below.  iOS and Android tablets are supported. Price: $3.99 US  (store may vary in price).