The Municipality of Dion-Olympus decided to set up a thematic park on Mount Olympus for the promotion of Ancient Hellenic mythology and the destination.

Dion-Olympus is one of the most popular destinations of the prefecture and Greece in general.
After 1976 the Litochoro, Leptokarya and Platamonos communities have been designated as "tourist sites" while Dion had already been designated as an archaeological site back in 1963.

Ever since, the rapid growth of tourism and cultural activities within the municipality has become the basis for further development and diversification of the tourist product, which, beyond the economic benefits, supports the improvement of both material and intangible infrastructure.

Consequently, the added value of the site is constantly on the rise as it follows the latest trends in order to remain competitive, modern, constantly enriched and extrovert.

Moreover, given the need for a centralized strategy which will effectively promote and visibility of the destination, grant it access to new markets, and showcase its specific features and comparative advantages, it was decided to place further emphasis on the communication policy of the municipality through the establishment of cooperation networks with relevant public and private sector bodies.

I haven't been able to find more information about the location, the timeframe, or the exact nature of the park. As such, I can't pass judgement on the decision. That said...I can't say it sounds like a great idea. All I can picture is Disneyland with Zeus. I suppose we'll see what happens...