Indie game studio JetDogs Oy has released 12 Labours of Hercules for Nintendo Switch. The game is now available for download from Nintendo eShop for $2.99 in the United States and for £2.69 in the United Kingdom.

The game is a casual strategy game set in Ancient Greece. The player joins mythical heroes on a quest to rescue Hercules’ kidnapped wife from the underworld, solving puzzles and fighting beasts along the way. The story of the game is inspired by Ancient Greek myths and tales; features familiar heroes and offers a unique narrative to the classic stories.

The game has a devoted fan base on PC and mobile, and its release on Nintendo Switch is expected to attract new audiences too. The game has been remastered to match the new platform requirements; it fully supports native Nintendo Switch controls as well as the Pro Controller, and it can also be played using the built-in touchscreen capability.

- 12 Labours of Hercules’ key features:
- HD graphics
- Challenging puzzles and quests
- Bonus levels, mini games and secret achievements
- Strategic gameplay: time and resource management mechanics
- Suitable for all ages

Nintendo eShop links:
US Store:
UK Store:

If someone has played it, let m know how it is?