I don't frequent Patheos, so I'm always grateful when someone points me to an article on there that is a must-read. Angelo Nasios recently wrote about "The heart of Hellenism," and it's a beautiful piece that reflects everything Elaion is about. I'll post the introduction here. Go read the rest over at Patheos, please.

"Are you waiting for an invitation to worship a God? If so, please stop – go worship! I say this because I have noticed that many pagans have a tendency to wait for the “call” to worship or, as many say, to “work with a God.” Some avoid certain Gods out of a notion that there is no connection between them and a particular God. I read one time how someone said they could not pray to Athena since they were ‘dedicated’ to another God. All of this is deeply problematic and within Hellenism could be understood as un-Hellenic behavior."

Hera, Athena, and Iris in the Trojan War, attributed to Jacques Reattu. Image via Wikimedia.