The Moũsai are fickle mistresses. As someone whose religious practice is heavily dependent upon a daily dose of inspiration, I am very well aware of this fact. I write about what I am inspired to write about; without that touch of inspiration, I can't write. Well, I can put words on paper, but it doesn't... flow.

Writing, for me, is a process. I generally wake up with an idea about what to write. When I don't, I've learned that I need to keep my eyes open during the day: something will come upon my path. Unfortunately, that 'something' can also appear, or be found, half an hour before the post is supposed to go live the next day, and I will have spent the entire day before, hunting for clues, and getting something down on paper just in case nothing comes.

I love to write. It's been a religious tool for me for as long as I can remember, but I started to actively dedicate my writings to the Gods when I founded Little Witch magazine. It was a way for me to regularly give to the Gods, a way of creating something in Their name that might benefit others. I think I've written before about how the process of creating Little Witch--from idea, to the registration of the domain name, to creating a website--took a couple of hours, max. I woke up one morning, knowing this was something I had to do, and I did it.

I founded Baring the Aegis in much the same way. I woke up one morning, knew this was something I had to do--daily writing about Hellenismos, both as a way to further my own knowledge and practice, as well as to create a place for seekers to find information--registered the blog with the name I knew it should have, and started blogging. I haven't missed a day since, although there have been days when I had to settle on an interesting video, or a poem. With an average of about two and a half hours spent per post--and that is on the low side--and 550 posts published, the rough estimation is that I have put in a thousand-something hours into this blog. For me, that's a thousand-something hours of service to the Theoi.

Every word I write on this blog, I write to make myself a better worshipper, to get to know my Gods better, to understand the culture in which They rose to greatness, and to find ways to deepen my devotion. Occasionally having to hunt for inspiration is a small price to pay for that, and I am blessed I get to start every day with a dose of something I love to do.