Well then, it seems as if the marketing and Public Relation geniuses at Facebook finally realized that they had more to lose from not removing the offending pages on burning witches than to gain from keeping them up! Many of the groups calling for the death of witches have been closed down already, and the ones who are not yet closed, might be closing soon. Congratulations everyone!

I am not naïve enough to think that this decision was made over any other reason than money. I still feel strongly that the original decision to leave them up was made for the same reason, after all. I am in the corporate communications field. I know quite well how the mechanism works: as long as no one rocks the boat, don't offend anyone by changing the status quo. Well, we have rocked the boat. We have been rocking it loud enough to alert the news media, and thus, Facebook had to step up and step in. It's cheaper to invest in existing users, after all, than try to pull in new ones.
We have been rocking the boat all over the internet, and far beyond. Facebook's lack of decision making skills was featured on the Examiner website, CNN iReporter, Before Its News (in the Christian section, no less), and local American news station KIMT TV 3, which also did a video segment of the report which is worth the watch, amongst others.
We are not there yet, but it's a step in the right direction--a humanizing and rallying step--not just within the community, but outwards as well. Thank you all, for stepping up against hate, towards Pagans as well as (mostly) women in (especially) Africa for whom being killed over the accusation of witchcraft.