Hello, there isn't a real post today--please come back tomorrow for one of those. You are welcome to skip this post, but I need to have a major nerd freak-out, because since August 21, I have my own tag on The Wild Hunt!

The Wild Hunt--for those unfamiliar with it--is, in their own words:

"[a] primary destination for those interested in following news relating and of interest to modern Pagan religions and other minority faiths. Founded by Jason Pitzl-Waters in 2004, The Wild Hunt has grown to become one of the most-visited and popular destinations exploring these topics. Recruited to Patheos.com in the Summer of 2011, The Wild Hunt decided to exist as an independent entity once more in the Summer of 2012. In addition, The Wild Hunt has now expanded into a media outlet with paid contributors and two paid staff members."

I have followed The Wild Hunt for years, and got to know the voices of many Pagan authorities through their articles. It's one of those websites I visit once a week to read up, and when I did so yesterday evening, I came across this article, a 'Pagan Voices'-segment which quotes people in the Pagan community when they have something interesting to say about Paganism... and near the end, there is me, with my post on Facebook's then unwillingness to stand with its Pagan users. Please excuse me while I have a huge, nerdy, freak-out moment.

Okay, so, this isn't an ego-thing (well, maybe a little, but it's not mainly an ego thing). What this is, is a huge nerd thing, in the best sense of the words. This is finding your words wedged in between those of P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, whom I greatly respect, and HecateDemeter, whose blog I have been reading for years. Also, I have a tag on The Wild Hunt! I greatly dislike what Blogger does with the font when I use italics, but the moment warrants italics. This is me, Dutch girl me, on The Wild Hunt! That's like... camping outside the game store to pick up one of the first copies of Mass Effect 3, or visiting ComicCon. To me, that is that level of epic, glorious, nerdy, win. Why? No clue, but my day is made! Thank you, Jason, you have made me a very happy woman.