I know a lot of you would like me to do more video tutorials. Heck, I want to do more video tutorials! But here is the thing, finding subjects to vlog about is hard. And it is hard because I have a few rules in place. So please, read those rules and lend me your brainpower: what would you like me to vlog about?

So far, I have video tutorials up on the following:
- How to prepare khernips
- How to pour libations
- How to make a kathiskos
- Making Manna
- My Altar Space (requested)
- Ancient Hellenic Clothing
- Noumenia ritual

The rules:
- It can't be about a subject I have already covered
- I will not record my personal practices beyond what I have already done; that is beween me and the Theoi
- It needs to be on a subject that will be aided by the visual component; if I could explain it (better) in writing, it's not a viable topic

That's it. Not that many but to be certain, some that limit the scope. I have two videos I want to do in the near future:
- On how I read the oracles of birds (oiônoskopos)
- On the differences of performing rituals for ouranic Gods and khthonic Gods

Do you have ideas on tutorials? Leave me a comment, send me an e-mail, leave me an ask on Tumblr or send me a message on Facebook.