Alan Hovhaness (March 8, 1911 – June 21, 2000) was an American composer of Armenian and Scottish descent. He was one of the most prolific 20th-century composers, with his official catalog comprising 67 numbered symphonies (surviving manuscripts indicate over 70) and 434 opus numbers. The true tally is well over 500 surviving works since many opus numbers comprise two or more distinct works. Some of his works were recommended to me by a dear friend to listen to in a Hellenic context. I haven't gotten around to listening to them all so I am posting them here as much as a reminder to myself as to give you an opportunity to judge for yourself.

One thing I found in researching Hovaness is a quote I very much relate to, perhaps not in a Hellenic context but certainly as general view on modern society--and mind you, he said this in 1971(!):

"We are in a very dangerous period. We are in danger of destroying ourselves, and I have a great fear about this ... The older generation is ruling ruthlessly. I feel that this is a terrible threat to our civilization. It's the greed of huge companies and huge organizations which control life in a kind of a brutal way ... It's gotten worse and worse, somehow, because physical science has given us more and more terrible deadly weapons, and the human spirit has been destroyed in so many cases, so what's the use of having the most powerful country in the world if we have killed the soul. It's of no use."

I find this type of clarity about the world around him stimulating as I find myself searching for that as well. Awareness of the world around you is very important to me and it gives me great motivation to listen to his work.

Hovhaness was a modern composer and he did not write about the ancient Hellenic Gods specifically. but from what I heard, I can most certainly see the connections clearly. Lady of Light refers to Hera, for example, and The Garden of Adonis speaks for itself. At any rate, judge for yourself and enjoy! Oh, and disregard the random angel thrown into the video.

Alan Hovhaness - Lady Of Light
Alan Hovhaness - The Garden of Adonis
Alan Hovhaness - Meditation on Orpheus