Almost two weeks ago, I posted on the possible discovery of Aristotles tomb in the area of Stagira, in central Macedonia. Of course, the finda are being contended and defended from all sides at the moment and I withold judgement either way, but in light of that discovery, a 3D reconstruction of the tomb appeared that I would like to share. The video was created by ‘Ρει art’ and Yannis Avgoloupis.

The mounded domed tomb has a marble floor dated to the Hellenistic period. It is located in the center of Stagira, near the Agora, with 360-degree views. There is an altar outside the tomb and a square-shaped floor. The top of the dome is at 10 meters and there is a square floor surrounding a Byzantine tower. A semi-circle wall stands at two-meters in height. A pathway leads to the tomb’s entrance for those that wished to pay their respects. Here are more artists impressions.