The owner of Styx and Pomegranates recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in writing a guest blog about my personal experiences coming into Hellenismos and to give voice to the Hellenistic community towards Classics students, who are the predominant readers of the blog. After a bit of consideration--I don't normally do this sort of thing--I agreed. The post went up recently and if you'd be interested in reading it, I'd be much obliged. I'll quote a bit of my story and you can click through to the full post below it.

"When I was a child I fell in love with Gods. I fell in love with the stories of their wondrous births, great adventures and sometimes their tragic deaths. I cared for the heroes, too, but in a different way. I was never one to look up to heroes as I realized even as a child that most of them only completed their heroic acts with a little divine help. I loved Hindu mythology because it had elephant Gods and many of them had more than two arms, which I found incredibly convenient and wanted myself. I loved Celtic mythology because they were elves in my eyes and elves could do no wrong. I loved Egyptian mythology for its Gods that were so foreign to me with their hawk heads and bull horns. I loved Norse mythology because it had strong warrior women and I was not a strong warrior girl at all. I was a happy but slightly sickly one and to run around in a suit of armor with a giant sword appealed to me. Plus, Norse mythology was very funny. But above all, above all other culture’s myths, I loved that of the ancient Greeks."