Remember when I called out for a Pagan web-series and even described some of the characters I would like to see? I think MTV and I are somewhat on the same wavelength because they just put out a national casting call for an episode of True Life, about youth who are 'occult enthusiasts'. According to their ad, they are looking for:

"...'anyone who practices Wicca, Satanism, alchemy, astrology, ESP or other mystical sciences' or those who feel they can 'tap into unseen spiritual forces.' Those who are interested in the study of 'the Kabbalah or Esoteric Christianity' are also invited to participate; the show is presently seeking males and females ages 17-29 who take their occult practices seriously, regardless of societal views. The casting call will remain open for a one year period and closes on Sept. 10, 2013."

All but the first and last quotation marks are theirs. True Life, by the way--for those as unfamiliar with it as I am--is:

"...a reality-based television series first established in the late 1990s; the show is presented in documentary fashion and depicts different people and lifestyles; According to MTV’s website, "True Life" is a show “narrated solely by its characters” and the producers strive to offer shows that are “unusual” or “remarkable.” “True Life” is an Emmy award winning television series that allows those depicted to share their lives and their personal stories with the world."

I wanted to say I am unsure about this idea but truth be told, I am actively against the idea of MTV bringing any Pagans to my T.V. screen. Even if they try to bring this to the people without going 'Oooohhh! Look! A witch!', I doubt they will succeed.

Of course, I should not judge. I have never seen an episode of True Life. It will also depend greatly on the people who sign up for this how awful it will be. If some of our Elders sign up, this might actually be pretty darn epic. If you are interested in signing up, you first need to fork up $9.95, though, because you need an account at Reality Wanted.

I would love some feedback on this show from viewers. Is this something we should be excited about? Dread? Ignore? Would you ever sign up for something like this? If so, why?