A couple of days ago, a friend asked me what I believe in. I answered with the Hellenic bit and we talked a little and all was good. Still, it didn't sit right with me because I believe in so much more than that; I just don't worship or practice it. Today I'm challenging myself to put down what I believe in, in a coherent, somewhat complete fashion.

I believe that everything comes from the same source; not a Deity but a source. Some call it energy, some stardust, some, something else entirely. It is always around us and in us. This is the foundation upon which we are all made and by which we are all connected; planets, Gods, humans, animals, trees and rocks and everything else. Some entities got a bit more of the stuff (or have more access to the stuff) but we all have some of it. It's because of this, everything influence everything else. The Gods rule us, but we are partially responsible for forming the Gods. The Gods are largely responsible for creating nature, but we are partially responsible as well, and so is nature itself.

I believe that what you put thought in, comes to formation out of the energy spoken about earlier. This means that if enough people believe in a Deity; They will come to form Themselves out of the available energy. If They were already coherently formed and just seeking a form in the energy, I don't know. This is why I believe there are Gods, spirits, Christian angels, other types of angels, demons, leprechauns and any other creature or being you can imagine. I believe there is such a thing as Original Sin, as well as karma, Hades, Hell, the Devil and any other system of punishment out there. I also believe that only those who actively place themselves within that system, are affected by it.

Were I to be Christian, I would be ruled over by the Christian God, I would fear the Devil and I would work tirelessly to insure my way into Heaven because Hell would be my destination upon dying were I not to. Yet, I chose to place myself in a different system. When I was still Neo-Wiccan and Eclectic, I was ruled by the God and Goddess as well as my patron Goddesses. Had I died then, I believe I would have gone to the Summerlands where I would have rested until returning to Earth through reincarnation. Within Hellenismos, I am ruled over by the Theoi, I fear no Devil but have a healthy respect for Hades, Persephone, Hekate and the other Underworld deities. When I die, I go to Hades, and I will work my hardest in life to end up at the good part before reincarnating back to Earth.

Because I'm Hellenic, I don't petition angels, I don't worry about Original Sin and I don't call the elements for a circle. That's another system. That doesn't mean I don't believe they have their merit; you should call a circle when inviting the God and Goddess and when you're Christian, you should very well worry about Original Sin. But I don't, because I'm not Christian, nor (Neo-)Wiccan or Eclectic.

I believe in daily worship. I believe in making religion a part of your life and not just a thing to do for the holidays. I believe with all my heart that knowledge and guidance should be free. I create Little Witch magazine for free, I write this blog without the reader having to pay for it, I even teach people without them paying for it. Of course, none of them are without their rewards, but money is not one of them. I believe that, because we are all connected, we are all responsible for each other.

I believe in an ethical life, as dictated by the Gods. I don't think you should practice a religion only when it's convenient. I believe in striving for excellence in yourself and your practice. I feel that people who think they know everything already, have missed the point of education and I think that you should keep educating yourself until the day you die. I believe in kindness, in hospitality and in friendship. I believe in forgiving indiscretions committed upon you in the name of friendship and love but also believe in standing up for yourself when others cross you limits. I believe in knowing where your limits are and warning those who come too close to them.

I believe everyone has a right to his or her opinion, belief and practice, and has that right without taking me or anyone else into account. This does not mean I think everyone is allowed to shove this opinion, believe or practice down everyone's throat. I believe in halting yourself when your opinion, religion or practice threatens to drown out the opinion of someone else.

I realize that this account is not complete; it can never be complete. Yet, it is the basis of my life, my faith and my practice. From this place of honesty, I ask you to consider what you believe in. If you want to share this with me in the comments, I would be grateful, but I would understand you might not want to. Thank you for reading.