Today is one of those days where I have absolutely no time to write so... err... here, have a truly beautiful poem. Please come back tomorrow for lines of coherent words on a specific topic. Sorry.

The Woman Who Dwells

The woman who dwells at the place of healing by the river
sits singing and sings the shape of the gods from the four directions;
sings onto the horizon the four mountains where the gods dwell;
sings into the bare sky the small cloud moving in brightness;
sings into the bare earth the growing tip of the corn;
sings the river into a singing curve around her;
sings herself into the center of herself, alive and listening.

The woman who dwells in the place of healing by the river
stirs not from her place, goes not to the far mountains,
soars not into the high sky, enters not the deep earth;
sings as she draws into the sand the circle of healing;
sings the gods from the four directions into that circle;
sings the growing cloud into the reach of her own heart;
sings herself into the spear of the green corn growing.

Peggy Pond Church (1939)

Peggy Pond Church was not Pagan. She simply lived in nature and discovered some beautiful truths. I hope you have enjoyed this poem as much as I always have.