Michael Clarke Duncan, Green Mile, Daredevil and Armageddon actor, passed away yesterday as the result of heart failure. Duncan and I had nothing in common; he was a black, strong, male, actor. He was not Pagan as far as I am aware. He spent his entire life making different choices than I did. We had nothing in common and yet, his passing has struck me like a lightning bolt.

Duncan seemed to me like one of those people who you would always welcome in your corner. The kind of man who would do anything for you if you were his friend. He seemed to have a kind and proud heart and I enjoyed watching him in every movie he ever made and every T.V. interview he ever did. He was one of those people who I watched and realized that we, as humans, can be inherently good.

Duncan may have been completely different than he seems to be in my mind. But he was--and always will be--a role model. He is part of my honored dead and last night, I mourned his passing during my evening prayers. I offered libations and coins to pay Kharon, should he have need of them. I burned incense and cried for him. I may not have known him, but I mourned him. Because he touched my life, and I want to pay my respects.

May he rest where he wished to rest. May his name forever live on in the collective memory of men. May his family recover from this crushing blow to their lives and, above all, may the Gods watch over his passing.

You will be missed.