I was challenged by a reader to select an ABC of Hellenismos. Needless to say, it was not easy, but I am never one to shy away from a challenge, so here we go! Don't judge me on how bad this is, okay?

A is for Agathós Daímōn, who brightens our life, unseen,
B is for Bômos, to honour our Gods of lovely mein.
C is for Chiton, the Romanized spelling of our ritual wear,
D is for Deipnon, Hekate's festival when the sky is bare.
E is for Eusebia, reverence, loyalty, and sense of duty toward the Gods,
F is for Fasting, which we do as a reminder of our lots.
G is for Gnosis, knowledge of the divine,
H is for Hellas, home of our Gods' bloodline.
I is for Iereio, anything sacrificed,
J is for Judgement, by the Gods and yourself.
K is for Kharis, what we foster with pride,
L is for Libation, liquid sacrifice.
M is for Miasma, which we wash off before our rite,
N is for Noumenia, the monthly festival after the darkest night.
O is for Oikos, the home from which our devotion projects
P is for 'Practicing Apart Together', through which our rite connects.
Q is for Quorum, the seat of democracy,
R is for Races, running and other sports the ancients brought to fruitation,
S is for Sophrosune, the control of self through deep contemplation.
T is for Theoi, the Hellenic term for the beings, divine,
U is for Universe, which the Theoi make shine.
V is for Virtues, which we foster in ourself,
W is for Wine, of which we have much on our shelf.
X is for Xenia, hospitality to Gods and men,
Y is for You, with whom it all starts,
Z, finally, is for Zeus, who holds all of our hearts.

How did I do, people? Which words would you have chosen? Thanks for the challenge, reader. It was fun!