Today, i would like to focus your attention on the following project that emerged from within our community: an illustrated Poseidon devotional by Terrance P. Ward. From his Kickstarter:

"Depth of Praise started out as an assignment to me from Poseidon:  learn more about me, he said, by writing hymns to my epithets.  That initial push led me to write 29 separate hymns and prayers that explored his aspects, seven of which will be included in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina volume From the Roaring Deep.  Encouragement from my readers prompted me to continue writing, and in addition to those published on my blog, there wil be nearly that many again in this, my first-ever book.
Even as the text is being edited, I have secured a commitment from a book designer, and selected and paid for cover art by Grace Palmer.  What I cannot afford to do out of pocket is commission art for the interior.  Ideally I'd like to have a thousand dollars' worth of line drawings depicting Poseidon in his many aspects, but I have humbly asked for half that because I want to see something inside rather than nothing.
Your contribution will help return this mighty god to his former glory."

I love initiatives like these and have  made my pledge yesterday. Will you make yours? Read more here and make your pledge! Just four more days to go!