Neos Alexandria, a community for Greco-Egyptians, Hellenics, Kemetics, Romans, Neopagans and others interested in learning about the Gods, their ancient and contemporary forms of worship, and the Greco-Egyptian culture, has published a new anthology. This time it is about Poseidon.

From the Roaring Deep: A Devotional in Honor of Poseidon and the Spirits of the Sea was edited by Rebecca Buchanan. Next to Poseidon, the focus is on His wife Amphitrite, on Nereus and the Nereids, and on Triton and Tethys. It also includes poetry and divotional texts to Iris, the Graeae, Proteus, Styx and Medusa.

Edited by Rebecca Buchanan
Price: $ 12.99
Publication Date: Aug 09 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 1515274578 / 9781515274575
Page Count: 266
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5" x 8"

"They are of the sea, and more than the sea. They are the primordial ocean from which life arose, and which continues to sustain the world. They are the saltwater in our blood. They are storm and wind and tide and crashing waves. They are glorious beings of water and salt and light, avengers of injustice and providers of bounty. They are fathers and mothers and lovers. They are wrathful and exuberant, compassionate and wise, quixotic and impulsive and shrewd. They are Powers most worthy of our devotion, our prayers, and our respect. Hail Poseidon and the Spirits of the Sea!"

From the Roaring Deep can be purchased in paperback format from their online store, and will be available shortly through Amazon, and through Barnes and Noble. It will also be available shortly for the Kindle and Kindle app. If possible, they would ask you to purchase it through Createspace since that will give the Bibliotheca Alexandrina a higher portion of the royalties without changing the price. Because all of the proceeds from From the Roaring Deep – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the Greek and Egyptian Gods, getting the highest amount of money to its creators is vital. Enjoy!