A news round-up today as I have to meet deadlines and meeting times. Sorry, my lovely readers. You deserve better! Things should settle soon.

Belgian Composer Wim Mertens Inspired by Ancient Greek City
The Greek Reporter reports that famous Belgian composer, pianist, guitarist and musicologist Wim Mertens announced that he intends to write a new musical piece about the ancient Greek city of Nicopolis, which inspired him during his concert at the monument last August. Stratos Ioannou, who is responsible for tourism development in Epirus, noted:

“Wim Mertens’ concert in the monument last August was a significant cultural event that attracted public attention. The internationally renowned composer recognized the beauty and inspirational power of Nicopolis and decided to compose a piece inspired by the monument. This announcement made us very happy and gave us momentum to continue our efforts to showcase our great ancient monuments. We are available to offer any assistance to the artist for this important project that will help people in Europe and across the world become familiar with our region.”

Meanwhile, popular French band Nouvelle Vague will perform at the same enchanting space on August 15, establishing this archaeological site as the birthplace of many modern cultural events.

New Tablet and Smartphone Apps for Greek Museums
According to the Greek Ministry, the launch of these new apps, that will be available via App Store and Google Play, is of great importance as it will offer, at no cost, great benefits for the Greek State, promoting Greek culture and tourism through the use of modern technology. This reports the Archaeological News Network.

A new app was developed for the US exhibition 'The Greeks – Agamemnon To Alexander The Great', spanning over 5,000 years of Greek history and culture. One more app about the Parthenon will be available in the App Store, as well as a specific app about Greek language learning.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, along with the Ministry, are also planning to create a pilot facility at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens that will combine technologies of augmented and virtual reality for the education of Greek students.

Wall, temple uncovered in ancient Feneos archaeological dig
Impressive findings have been unearthed in archaeological excavations in the mountainous part of Corinth prefecture, in the Peloponnese (southern Greece), over the recent period.

According to a culture ministry announcement, an entire defensive wall was brought to light at the ancient site of Feneos (alternately Pheneos or Pheneus) stretching across the breadth of northern slope of the settlement’s Acropolis, totalling 230 meters in length. Within the defensive works remains of a temple dedicated to a female deity were excavated, dating to two separate periods: the earlier Archaic period and the latter Classical period.

The findings come amid a five-year research program jointly conducted by the eforate of ancient antiquities in Corinth prefecture and the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens. See Protothema for images of the finds.

...and a bonus, this humorous rap battle between Socrates and Confucius to settle for once and for all who invented philosophy. Who do you think won?