Just over 10 years ago work started on a new Egyptian temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor. The design for the temple was revealed by the Goddess herself to Tim, a solitary Kemetic Wiccan living in rural Wisconsin. Over the years, Tim worked almost daily to recreate the temple that he saw during his trance. The Wild Hunt talked to him about why he built this temple and how it has affected his worship.

Now nearing completion, the temple consists of an eleven foot entry gate and two circles of cement pillars 11 feet high and weighing two tons each. The inner circle of columns is 33 feet across and consists of 4 pedestal quarter markers with a pair of obelisks equally spaced between the quarters. The obelisks make this a strictly solar temple. The main circle entry is also on the north end, as we enter as earthly beings.The center point of the central table is the point of origin for all measurements used to build the temple. In the west, there will be a Naos shrine with sacred image of Hathor in it. 

The outer circle of pillars are the outer boundary of the temple. The entry ring, the stargate looking structure, is a molded concrete ring 9 feet across on the inside and 11 feet across on the outside. At the end of the semicircular transitional pathway are the massive entry pillars. These pillars are 10 feet tall and over 2 tons each. They are spaced closely so you can stand between them with hands on both to completely ground yourself whether entering or leaving the temple. All structures in the temple have integrally molded foundation posts extending into the ground between 4 and almost 6 feet.

For now, the temple is for private use only, and Tim is still working to finish painting the pillars, images of Hathor, and the capstones, but the goal is to open the temple to the public. For me, this raises the question: if Tim can do it, can we? The temple itself has cost about five thousand dollars total in materials and was built on ground Tim already owned. He's done most of the work himself, it seems, and to great effect! Five thousand dollars is not a lot. Nine years of construction is, though, so in order to cut down on that, more money is most likely required--and ground.

There is a modern Hellenistic temple in Thessaloniki. It can be done. So why haven't more of us done it? Years ago, I had a dream like Tim's, where I saw a temple so clearly. It's still in my mind. I still want to construct it. But I have not found the drive like Tim has. I have invested my energy elsewhere--Elaion, Baring the Aegis--and in my own way I have built my temple. But it's not a structure, and I wouldn't know where to start. So have you ever had a dream like that? Have you ever wondered about if it's possible and how to do it? Have you actually done it? I want to know because our Gods most certainly deserve temples as magnificent as Tim's temple/circle to Hathor!