And thus I embark.

Welcome to Baring the Aegis. This will be my home to share all things (Neo-)Pagan, a home I have been sorely missing. I interact a lot with the on-line Pagan community. Sometimes, I want to respond on my own, or share thoughts that are unrelated to the original subject but were inspired by it. Baring the Aegis will give me that space.

I can't promise I will keep up my writing. I am a terrible blogger. But I will try. I will even try to catch up with the Pagan Blog Project and Star Foster's examination of the Delphic Maxims. But I am a busy woman. I still go to college, I am a priestess, teacher and practicing Neo-Pagan, I publish Little Witch magazine and I am in a committed relationship with the woman I love. So I promise nothing but pray to do much.

Blogging, per definition, is an act of baring the soul. As I lean more and more to Hellenistic Reconstruction, Baring the Aegis seemed like a perfect title for this blog. It's an object of fear and struggle but also represents a divine gift, one quite hard to bear at times. All are issues and qualities I relate to.

I don't know who will take this journey with me or how I will reach you but I hope you will take this journey with me. And if you do, I thank you. Because writing is not easy, sometimes it isn't even fun, but it's necessary and true. And I couldn't be more excited about it.

So welcome, and make just judgements.