For those of you unfamiliar with the runes, they are a letter set which, in modern times, are used in Paganism and Asatru for divination and healing. They were granted to us by Odin after He hung from the World Tree for nine days and nine nights without food or water. For more information on them, visit here.

While the runes don't tie in with Hellenismos at all, they were one of my favorite parts of my Eclectic practice. I will most likely continue to use them for healing purposes as well as sigils, if not for me than to help others. But this is not what I wanted to share. I wanted to share my epic love for one of the most wildly misinterpreted and unused runes in the set; Isa.
Taken from: Letters

Isa, literally, means 'Ice'. It stands for one's ability to stay still and as such it's one of my favorite runes to work with in healing. I add it to just about all my rune sets when I practice healing arts as it's a pain reliever, a fever breaker and a boost to the immune system. It settles the mind when one is worried or can't sleep. In short, it acts as a full stop at the end of a sentence; it marks the end of all that came before and gives a little breathing space for all that comes after. 

Isa is a rune of rest; of water, solidified, of earth, frozen. It encapsulates the current circumstances and dulls them. Its applications are endless and yet is seems to have gotten a bit of a negative connotation. We, as people, like to move forward, to press on. Being sick or tired has become a faux pas. Yet, we all get sick and we all get tired. Gods knows I do, at least. So in our progressive world, a rune like Isa seems out of place, yet is so very important.

Isa reminds us to indulge our ego's sometimes. To get or do what we need every once in a while. It's a little vacation from responsibility. Be careful, though, Isa offers only temporary relief. A temporary break from pain and life. It doesn't work on the source of your pain or stress. But if you need a break, Isa is the perfect rune to give it to you.