There is a real post coming in a bit so enjoy this one to tide you over.

Yesterday, I lost my bracelet. Thankfully, I recovered it again (after some long and hard begging because the remaining pendants are emotionally quite valuable although they no longer have an influence on my practice). It made me think, though. Why do I still wear the pendants if that way is not the way I choose to practice anymore? And so I took them off. It's a big and scary step for me.

I should clarify something, as it might come across that loosing a bracelet of pendant on it should be a regular occurrence. Thinks get lost. Sure, that is true, but I've been wearing those pendants and that bracelet for a multitude of years and it has only come off once during that time, and that was when I got caught behind something and tore it off, along with a good bit of skin. For those of you eating, sorry for that mental image. What I wanted to convey with it was that this bracelet and its pendants only come off when they choose to do so. And they did. So when I recovered it, I took off the pendants and kept the bracelet. I am still religious, after all.

So now I'm on the hunt for new pendants, pendants to tie me to Hellenismos. An owl for Athena, perhaps, or a lightning bolt for Zeus. It has struck me that, twice now, after writing something at Baring the Aegis, Divinity has intervened to solidify my claims. I really should be careful about what I write here.

So there you are, a tiny update that will probably only interest me. But some things just have to be said.