Tonight, I played Fallout 3 and thought of nothing. I have no deadlines in the foreseeable future, nothing to prepare. I can't remember when this last happened. There is nothing spiritual about it, or this post, but it's a wonder none the less.

I forgot how much an empty head lifts the spirits. It leaves me (as I hope it does you) with an almost childlike  sense of possibilities. I could do so many things now I don't have anything I should do. There is no guilt for not doing what I should be doing. I can catch up with my (religious) reading or just play a game, nap or spend my time any other way I see fit.

Now, I don't advertise sloth; I doubt it would go over well with the Gods and I know for sure it's bad for the mind and soul. Just like too much stress, too much of nothing freezes the mind. Staying active but not getting overwhelmed is probably best. It's solid advice I've been given a lot and have ignored just as many times. I tend to do too much. Period.

But if there is one thing I can do, it's enjoy the spare time I have. Today, that means a short post here and a lot of time sniping Glowing Ones. C'est la vie.