I'm home after the Midsummer celebration. It was a wonderful experience, full of the best Eclectic Witchcraft and Neo-Wicca have to offer. Good people, good fire and good food. As one of the organizers, it's not up to me to say how the ritual and meditative parts went, but it was a pleasure to watch adult men and women chase after each other in a game of tag.

After this post, I will return to hellenic writing. I miss it. I had an incredible time today and I wouldn't have missed it for the world but coming home and replacing my electric flame for a real one on Hestia's candle and offering Her some of the food I had today almost brought tears to my eyes. It's such a simple practice I have begun to value so very much. It offers me at least one, but usually two or three, moments in my day during which I spend time with my Gods.

We didn't call any Gods today; our ritual summoned the elements and continued to focus on the Oak and Holly Kings. I hadn't intended it to but it did, and it gave the whole affair an earthly and festive mood which I greatly appreciated. Our thirtyish guests seemed to appreciate the mood as well.

Organizing these celebrations makes me realize I really enjoy spending time with other Pagans. They're--in general--easy going, friendly and forgiving people. If something goes wrong or takes a bit, it's never a problem. They appreciate what they can get; either because there is nothing better out there or simply because they enjoy spending time with other Pagans as well.

We are diverse people who try to come together under the same banner when the opportunity arises. It's a wonderful sight to behold. Sharing faith is important to me and I'm glad I got to indulge in it today. Tomorrow, I'm returning to joyous Hellenic ritual and I am happy about that. It's nice to rehash what I had before converting, but I have definitely converted. Hellenismos is my home. Eclectic Witchcraft is a wonderful friend I like to visit but could never live with again. So until the next visit, I will stay home and remember the good times spend with friends.