This Maxim is one of the ones that always makes me smile when I read it. Not because I think marriage is an institution that is for everyone or should be a goal in everyone's life but because of the underlying message of the Maxim; find stability in your life, find a home to return to at the end of the day.

In my previous blog post I wrote about Zeus and how He returns to His wife Hera every night despite his affairs. In the Odyssey, Odysseus's entire journey is aimed at going home to his wife Penelope. Marriage provides you with a stable foundation; it's family. Even if you are not close to your own ancestors, you can find and/or create love and shared DNA.

Marriage is a sacred institution. It's presided over by Hera and She can be petitioned concerning everything that surrounds it. As such, I always feel She is especially in change of this Maxim. If you want to honor Her, perhaps holding fast to this Maxim is a good way to start.

This Maxim inspires twofold;
  • Live life looking for someone to settle down with
  • When you find them, stay with them and be faithful to them (or else you'll probably be 'intending to get married' again)

We are social creatures. We like stability and thrive on love and praise. A spouse can provide that and even if you never find a partner to settle down with, it's the intend behind it that really powers this Maxim; go though life looking for a stable base to live from. Settle down. Stop wandering. Find maturity. Work. Share your life with the person or people you love. And never take it for granted.