The number one question that brings people to this blog is: 'do people still...', followed by any number of things related to Hellenismos: '...practice the Thesmophoria',  '...worship the Gods of ancient Greece', '...offer to the Gods of Hellas', and every time I see that, it makes me smile and makes my heart ache, all at the same time.

On the one hand, it means that someone has found this blog, and found someone who does practice what they wonders about. Here, they can find ways to do the same, and not feel so alone. On the other hand, I imagine someone drawn to the worship of the blessed Theoi, who does not realize that that is perfectly normal, that it's encouraged in some circles, and that it's a valid form of religion. That's the thought that makes me a little sad.

At the start of this blog, I talked about my progression into Hellenismos, and I said that all the times I've progressed, it has been a relief. I took all I had learned with me into my next step of religious evolution and while I never looked for a new home, every time I progressed, it was a new homecoming. Finding religion has always been liberating for me, and I wish that on everyone who finds this blog through a sanity check, or simple curiosity.

Religion, to me, has been a literal life-saver, but I know plenty of religious people who still struggle with the day-to-day, let alone the overarching. It's not an easy fix. In fact, it's not a fix at all, but it can be a glue to tie the various pieces of life together and give it new shape and meaning.

All in all, it takes guts to admit to anyone outside of Hellenismos that you worship the Gods of ancient Hellas in a manner as close to the ancient Hellens as you can get. Trust me, I know the looks, and the whispers, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Hellenismos is my home, my sanctuary, my refuge when times are tough.

A very close friend of mine has worshipped the Theoi for nearly forty years. He is the most pious, most worthy, most gentile man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone befriending. The Theoi treat him kindly, and he values all They have given him enormously. I can see the kharis he has built with the Theoi, and yet, he still wonders on occasion if he is worthy enough for all that is bestowed upon him. When he speaks out about the Theoi, I am so proud to call myself his friend. When I hear the stories of his worship, I know I have a lot to live up to.

I could not even imagine him not being worthy of blessings in the eyes of the Theoi. And yet, we all doubt our own worth in one way or another. We all have times when we could have--should have--spoke out about our devotion to the Theoi, or failed to follow their teachings in a lapse of strength or willpower. Yet, our Gods are benevolent Gods, who wish well for those they have built kharis with. They will always offer a home to seekers, and even to those who lapse, and in the end, we will do right by Them.

So to seekers, who wonder about their own sanity, or about their own worth, I would say to stick with it. You have found this website and perhaps you have found a bit of a home here. Our religion is beautiful and practical. All it requires is a keen mind and love for the Theoi. The rest will come. For now, feel at home, here and in worship of the Gods who speak to you. Everything happens as They wish it to happen, and everything that should happen will happen in time. Until then, enjoy your homecoming. I could not be happier to have you.