Hey everyone, I am having a bit of an off day and I can't get myself to actually write anything useful. I'm sorry; tomorrow will be better. Today, I am more in the mood for fables and being a couch potato, so I am sharing with you a video of some of Aesop's fables, animated for kids. It makes me very happy, so hopefully, it does the same for you.

Aesop was a serf and story-teller who lived in ancient Hellas between 620 and 560 BC--if he actually existed. No records of him were every recovered and through the years, many fables scattered throughout ancient Hellas became attributed to him. His collected works became known as 'Aesop's Fables', and there are quite a lot of them: nearly enough to read your children one of them for every night for two years.
In this video, five are told: A Bad Dinner (00:04), Sour Grapes (04:46), Saving A Wolf (10:03), The Clever Kid Goat (14:58), and The Dog and the Bone (20:16). Enjoy!