The Greek Reporter, reports that a statue, believed to be of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter, has been unearthed at an illegal excavation in Simav, a town and a district of Kütahya Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. The statue, weighing in at 610kg and standing 2.8 meters tall, was discovered by two Turks, Ramazan C. And Ismail G, 26 and 62 years old respectively, who are alleged to have been conducting illegal excavations in the wider area where the statue was found. The head of the statue and the altar, missing during the raid, were later found in a house in the city centre.

The two men were taken into custody by the Turkish police and sent to court. the punishment could range anywhere from a fine to jail time; as far as I am aware, Turkey has no set punishment for illegally excavating at a site of historical importance. What will happen tot he statue is, at this point, unclear.