About a week ago, I announced the PAT ritual for the Thargelia. Elaion created the event for yesterday and today, but the main ritual takes place today. PAT rituals, or Practicing Apart Together rituals, have become a staple for Elaion, where we, as an organisation, provide a date, time, and ritual for the festival at hand, and around the globe, as many of our members as possible perform the ritual at their homes. some do it alone, some in groups, and we tend to share experiences and photographs of the altar or the festivities on the Elaion Facebook page.

On the 6th and 7th of Thargelion (sundown on the 5th to the sundown on the 7th of May), the two day festival of the Thargelia is held in honour of Artemis and Apollon Pythios. The Thargelia was a pre-harvest festival at Athens, and was a rather large event. More information about the festival can be found in the aforementioned announcement of the PAT ritual, but for those attending who have not located the ritual yet: you can find it here.

We hope you enjoy your celebration, and as always, we hope you enjoy it with us.