A year and a half (!) ago, I spoke of the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite in Thessaloniki which were then in danger of being covered by a new city block. There was a petition which over 3000 people signed, and a passionate plea, which included the video below. It seems the work done was for naught though... because the Archaeology News Network reports that the site is still in danger, much to the anger of local residents.

The initial decision of the Central Archaeological Council, shortly after the excavation of the monument, was to expropriate the land and proceed with the excavation of the temple. Later, the decision was revised and the Council decided to keep the basement of the apartment building under construction. Two years ago the fate of the temple was discussed again at the CAC (Central Archeological Council) and was given positive votes for the expropriation of land, since this time the issue has been 'frozen'. If the expropriation is rejected and the opposition accepted, the temple will remain buried and a national treasure will be left unseen.
According to the school of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Antigonidon square can be reformed in two levels, so that the temple would be rebuilt and become visible in its entirety--and that is still a worthy struggle. There is a new petition people can sign. It's in Greek, but follows the basic format so everyone should be able to find their way around. Let's come together, spread the word, and get some names on that petition; this beautiful temple needs saving.