It's time for some 'Atlantis' news again, or more of a plea on my part. Remember two weeks ago, when I wept big tears over BBC's 'Atlantis'' coming end? Well, that is still happening as far as I know, and I still weep. In the post I just linked, I asked if anyone knew any initiatives to save the series about Jason, a strapping young man who ends up traveling to the--previously believed to be mythical--city of Atlantis in search for his father, who ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for. Kind reader Charley pointed me towards some of them saying:

"There are currently two petitions going to try to save Atlantis from cancellation or failing that to try to get another channel (e.g. Netflix etc.) to pick it up. Both have around 400 signatures at the moment but we need all the support we can get and need to get as many people to sign them as possible."

The first petition can be found here, and the second here.

Now, yes, I am asking you to sign these petitions but I want to be clear that I am not only asking you to sign them because 'Atlantis' is a fun show to watch; it's not the best and while it's drawing a decent amount of viewers, it's not the most popular show out there. It is, however, the only show about (a fictional version of ) ancient Hellas on TV until SyFi's 'Olympus'--and I am not holding my breath for that being any more true-to-period.

As someone who grew up on Hercules and Xena, I would love it if every child grew up with the wonder of Hellenic mythology and that is one of the major reasons I am promoting 'Atlantis' as hard as I am: it's fun, it's light enough watching, and it's inspired by the culture and mythology we all love. Help save it, guys. It's only a few seconds of your time,