A reader of the blog contacted me about something awesome yesterday, pretty sure I would want to blog about it and he was very right! So ladies and men with amazing fashion sense listen up! Ancient Hellenic pottery nailart. For the holidays. Or for whenever, because it's ancient Hellenic vase paintings on your nails!

This awesome set only requires a little DIY to do it yourself, like Michelle explains on her blog:

"Over a base of orange, brown and yellow applied with cling film, I have stamped in black using Moyou London plate 18 from the explorer collection. I also filled in some areas with black acrylic paint."

I know absolutely zero about nails and nail polish, so I had to Google 'Moyou London plate 18 from the explorer collection'. It's a nail plate set, provided by the company 'Moyou'. you can find it here for about five pounds. And they ship all over the world!

MoYou-London Explorer 18 includes 18 different designs each measuring 1.2 x 1.5cm. The stainless steel plate measures 6.5 x 12.5cm and have a vinyl backing for increased ease of use.  Each plate comes in its own branded protective sleeve. The designs are engraved on to the image plate and covered with a protective film which needs to be removed before use. To use a MoYou-London image plate you need to apply nail varnish to the image, scrape the excess off and pick up the image with a stamp before applying it to the nail.