The Temple of Apollon on the island of Ortygia in Siracusa, is a Hellenic temple dating from the 6th century BC. It's the oldest known Doric temple in Western Europe. An inscription says that the temple honors Apollon, but after Cicero came to Syracuse, he wrote that the temple was dedicated to Artemis. Regardless, the temple was eventually devoted to neither: it was turned into a Byzantine church and then the Muslims took over and converted it into a mosque. Later, under Norman rule, it was turned back into a church. Today the building is in ruins, but its imposing size is still evident - 58 x 24 m or 190 x 70 ft. It occupies a large part of Piazza Pancali. The dedication inscription is on the top step of the base.

Needless to say, the temple didn't survive in one piece, not even in several pieces. It's entirely lost to us. Well...not entirely. We have a 3D recreation now and hot damn, is it an impressive sight! Can you imagine walking out of the hot summer sun into the cool temple and raising your hands to Apollon (or Artemis)? Because I can! And Gods, do I wish we could!