For Metageitnion 2017, we have two great local causes to choose from, submitted by our members. Let's have a look!

Fundraiser for the AP, Inc. Community Center
The AP, Inc.  Community Center has been serving the needs of the LGBT community since 2005. Since opening, this center has seen over 1,500 clients annually. Recently, they experienced a devastating fire. This incident will temporarily displace a large portion of the agency’s programming like testing, counseling, support groups, linkage services, and other support services for Dallas’ most at-risk populations. This community center is an important operation in AP, Inc.’s mission to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other communities that are at risk for contracting the virus. The Community Center is also a place where members of the LGBT community gain access to computers for a variety of needs including employment, educational, and insurance; in addition to those who use the safe space just to fellowship.

$ 50.000,- will be required to rebuild the center, and they're $ 27.000 in now. They will need a lot more help to get their center up to par again and continue supporting their community.

Mrs. Beazoglou's Magnificent Mythology
Mrs. Beazoglou is a teacher at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy in Hartford, CT, USA. This year her students will be reading the "The Lightning Thief." This fantasy-adventure based novel is based on Hellenic mythology. Unfortunately, her students come to school with little background or understanding about Hellenic myths. Beazoglou's goal is to build a classroom library of mythology books for her students to access after she teaches a concept or gives a book talk to learn more about a particular God or myth. It will also allow her students to make connections from "The Lightning Thief" to the old Hellenic myths.

The students will get reading instruction through a literature circle model. This model is a book club where each student is given a role to be an expert on the assigned chapter. Students will then meet as a group to discuss their findings and dive deeper into the message or theme of each book.

The project is for grade 6-8 students. More than half of them come from low-income households. The goal of the project is $ 340,- and $180,- has been raised so far.

Do you have a favorite out of these two? Vote for it in our poll until August 13th. We will announce this month's winner on August 14th, 2017.