Prefacing this with "This is a one-sided story on the internet."

A group of German tourists wearing ancient Hellenic clothing are alleging that they were recently banned from entering the Athens’ Acropolis because they were not “suitably attired.” 

Security guards justified their decision to ban the female tourists, claiming they needed a special permit as their escorting photographer was a professional, a charge the women deny. Professional photography in the area must be approved by Greece’s Archaeological Service and the Central Archaeological Council.

"The lady at the entrance told us that we were not dressed properly, that we were too naked. Many visitors were wearing fewer clothes than us… There were many signs in the area: Do not eat ice cream, do not bring dogs, etc. There was no sign for a dress code anywhere."

Asked why they decided to visit the Acropolis dressed in Ancient Hellenic attire, the German tourist said,

"We wanted to show how beautiful your country’s history is and to express our respect. We did not intend to do anything wrong, we just had fun. None of us was rude or drunk, which I would understand as a reason for refusing entry."

The group of women also allege that they were refused a refund for the tickets that they had booked online.

All right, so, I have opinions about these. And questions. It's a one-sided account and I guess heading over to the Acropolis in an "outfit" with a guy with a big camera would definitely ring bells of a professional photo shoot, even without lighting set-up. Professional photography at cultural heritage sites has to be pre-approved. Period. My question is: would the women have been sent away for selfies? Or if the photographer had only carried a mobile phone to take pictures with?

Greece has a history of denying Hellenists access to the ancient sites, so it would not have surprised me if, had the women shown up in another type of "costume," they would have been allowed access. One will never know, of course, but this bit of news does not make me happy.