Last week, I announced that Ubrisoft is working on a game with Hellenic mythology themes. During E3, one of the largest game fairs, Ubisoft released its reveal trailer and it looks awesome! It shows a lone hero who we hear is pretty important.

"When heroes need help, they turn to the Gods. When Gods need help, they turn to you”. Said hero is charged with saving the Hellenic gods from the monsters that have overpowered them – so, it only follows that he’s going to have to take on things at least equal to the gods’ mightiness. The chief of these, and the orchestrator of the gods’ trouble, is the Titan Typhon.

The trailer also seems to show one of the biggest, baddest baddies it looks like your hero will tackle – a kind of harpy-type creature. It’s not confirmed this is what it is – but, boy, it sure looks angry.
Following this, the Gods & Monsters site says you’ll face off against some of Hellenic myths’ other beasts – including Gorgons, Hydras, and Cyclopes.

It looks then like the “painterly” and visually pretty world Ubisoft has created in the game may be a little at odds with the scary things you’ll find occupying it. However, take these beasts on successfully, and you’ll be the hero of all Olympus. There’ll definitely be some kind of hard-earned reward for that, right?

Gods & Monsters will release February 25, 2020. So excite!