It seems Hermes has given up on our 17 year old car. Tomorrow, we say goodbye to our old car and today, we are going out to hunt for new one. So, a prayer to Hermes: may He make our search short and easy, and may the car we end up buying be solid, sturdy, and carry us far.

Hear me, Hermes, messenger of Zeus, son of Maia;
almighty is your heart, O lord of the deceased and judge of contests;
gentle and clever, O Argeiphontes, you are a guide
whose sandals fly, and a man-loving prophet to mortals.
You are vigorous and you delight in exercise and in deceit;
interpreter of all, you are a profiteer who frees us of cares
and who holds in his hands the blameless tool of peace.
Lord of Korykos, blessed, helpful and skilled in words,
you assist in work, you are a friend of mortals in need,
and you wield the dreaded and respected weapon of speech.
Hear my prayer and grant a good end to a life
of industry, gracious talk, and mindfulness.
[Orphic Hymn to Hermes]