The Museum Bums team will make a cheeky visit to the Museum of Classical Archaeology – which was last year declared the winner of the biggest bottom collection thanks to its statues, even beating the British Museum. Heritage workers Mark Small and Jack Shoulder will host the interactive evening, exploring Greek love and statuesque bottoms as part of LGBT+ History Month.

"We are huge fans of the Museum of Classical Archaeology. In our big museum bum count they had the most bums on display in a museum in the UK and so far they haven’t been topped, so we decided to find a fun event to do with the team there. We are taking the idea of Greek love, ancient Greek sexual practices and what they got up to between the sheets as our starting point. And we will be doing some fundraising and awareness raising for the Terrence Higgins Trust."

The Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge, which is filled with casts of Greek and Roman statues, is running a series of events for the month. Curator Dr Susanne Turner said:

"We are delighted to be teaming up with the chaps from Museum Bums. They are curating an event for us on men loving men and women loving women in the ancient world but with an awful lot of bottoms thrown in. And I will be doing a lightning talk on theories about why many Greek statues had big thighs and what they may signify."

Tickets for the Greek Love event at the museum are available on Eventbrite.